Top 5 online marketing myths

Marketers are still harboring myths regarding online marketing based on flawed principles in a hope of gaining online marketing success. Maybe the reason could be the lack of preparedness required for building a sustainable marketing strategy or let’s say marketers are unaware of prioritizing limited resources to improve ROI. Whatever ..more

You do not need to work harder if you work smarter

We all know how competitive the digital era has become and that entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, marketers are working very hard to stay in the marketplace and many are behind their aims and goals. What might be the reason? It may be because they have been working hard but not ..more

Highlights of G20 YEA – Summit 2014


I had the privilege last week to share our story in ‘G20 YEA Summit – First Time Session’ with a large group of young entrepreneurs who were attending the summit from 18-22nd July 2014.

My friend Marcus Heinrich from Germany highlights the 3 top most challenges for ..more